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PPP GRT-11 Electric Scooter - Royal Blue

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The GRT-11 electric scooter is the right fit for boys and girls looking to transition to their first kids electric scooter. You get 80 watts of power, up to 50 minutes of continuous ride time and can handle a rider up to 120 lbs. Perfect for kids learning to ride. The GRT-11 electric scooter features Push-To-Go technology. The rider must push off with their feet for the electronic action to start; aiding in the beginning steps to learn how to ride an electric scooter safely. Additional features include a 12-volt rechargeable battery system, contoured stem and handle bars for comfort, thumb lever throttle, and an extra sticky grip-tape deck with long lasting vibrant graphics. Easy for children to handle. The GRT-11 scooter comes with zero-maintenance polyurethane wheels and a durable chain drive system that transfers power efficiently. An integrated rear foot brake has an electrical cutout switch that shuts down power to the motor when the brake lever is engaged; ensuring quick, safe stopping. A simple LED light on/off indicator for safety and power converter for recharging is included. Since 2007, Pulse Performance Products has been making performance push and electric scooters with unique and innovative technology. We're dedicated to creating the best possible product for our riders and are proud to claim all our products are designed and tested in Southern California.


 Speeds up to 8 mph through 80-watt chain driven motor are perfect for beginner riders • Thumb actuated throttle with Push-To-Go technology and integrated foot brake make it easy to transition from kick scooters to electric • Up to 50 minute ride time • Single piece composite deck with extra sticky grip tape for ultimate control • Zero maintenance 160mm X 30mm cast polyurethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings keep the ride smooth • Heavy-duty steel constructed stem, rise bars, and internal frame • Designed for kids 8+ years old, up to 120 lbs.

Material Used:
• Steel 43% • ABS 40% • Urethane 6% • Aluminum 3% • Copper 3% • Other 5%

90 days

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